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One team, one score

Thoughtful Impact

Team success always outweighs individual accomplishments, and we celebrate both.

At Auth0, we are all one team. We try to break down silos to contribute beyond our own area of responsibility whenever we can. We also share the same score, and this means we win together and we lose together. We celebrate our victories and in our Slack channels, and the sales team even has a gong they ring whenever they reach a new milestone. We recently passed $100M in revenue, and they sent us all a cowbell so we could ring the cowbell and celebrate the victory together.

Proactive communication

Conscious Communication

Proactively communicate the right information to everyone who needs it.

Proactive communication has become especially important during these times. Every week, our CEO sends an email updating the entire company on plans for going back to work, things he’s thinking about, concerned about, or things he just wants to celebrate. It’s helpful so people aren’t worrying about job losses etc. It helps a lot when everyone is kept in the loop.

We also have a lot of cross-functional groups that we work with. We use tools like Monday across different teams to help manage projects, and make sure we’re communicating across Legal, HR, Finance, etc. We’re always iterating on what types of communication work well, and what we could do better.

We give a shit

Driven by Passion

Having fun at work and celebrating accomplishments together is a big reason we love working at Auth0.

We care intensely about what we do and who we are while maintaining humility and a sense of humor at all times. A big part of this is getting everyone together at our yearly offsite. We usually go somewhere in Central America, and we do it in the middle of the year so we can celebrate the wins in the first half, and calibrate for the second half.

Besides the annual offsite, each office and region does get togethers, barbecues, etc. Individual teams will also do offsites at one of our headquarters to have some facetime and get everyone aligned.

Tenacity and perseverance


We embrace challenges tenaciously and persevere when others might give up.

When we set a goal, we go after it in a way that doesn’t let the team lose focus or give up on something hard. For example, when we built up our presence in Japan, we didn’t let the difficulties of a foreign language or a challenging market to stop us.

N + 1 > N

Learning & Growth

We embrace data-driven experiments to gain insights into our business, and if we are not making mistakes, we’re not making progress.

We iterate on everything we have to make it better. If we’re bringing on a new employee, we want the employee to make the team better. If we’re adding a new tool or system to our stack, we want them to improve how we work. And these iterations and improvements happen across all areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Sales, Operations, Recruiting, or Training. This mindset permeates the entire company, and drives a lot of our long-term thinking.

Question the status quo

Curiosity & Innovation

We question the status quo constructively.

Everyone at Auth0 is encouraged to come up with new ideas on what we can change and how we can improve. Before Covid hit, we did a lot of business development at trade shows and other in-person events, and now we’ve had to adapt by figuring out how to do things differently. This has included hivemind brainstorms in Slack, and other ideas on how to replace the in-person events. 

This goes back to our values of N+1>N. We constantly question what we are doing, looking for ways to iterate and improve, and translate it to the new normal.

Personal and team growth

Internal Mobility

Our personal and team growth is a result of asking for help, learning something new every day and taking action instead of standing on the sidelines.

We have a lot of internal mobility at Auth0, and it’s highly encouraged. We’ve started to push how people move internally, especially from roles that are more entry-level, such as Support Engineers. We also create programs to help employees network internally, and push them to learn and get involved with everything they can, so that they get the most out of their years at Auth0.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The work of Diversity & Inclusion is never complete.

As a remote company, we have a real diversity in geography, with employees in 30 different countries, and in education, with traditional backgrounds including Masters and PhDs, and non-traditional backgrounds including self-taught hackers. Gender diversity is important, and Auth0 sponsors Women Who Code. Auth0 also has a Pride group that does a lot of work around sexual orientation.

A diverse and inclusive team is one of the main draws at Auth0. We put in a lot of work into it, but the work of diversity and inclusion is never complete. We want to continuously focus on new areas, such as making sure we’re inclusive in our language. We also pay a lot of attention to hiring. We want to make sure we have diverse applicant pools, we have interview training to remove unconscious bias from the process, and constantly review our approaches to make sure we’re being inclusive. There’s always something new that we can learn, and something that we can improve.

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Remote Friendly

Besides remote positions, we have offices in Seattle, Buenos Aires, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Singapore

Benefits & Perks

Competitive Total Rewards
We provide a competitive total rewards package to everyone who works here.
Career Development
We provide ongoing feedback and opportunities to help people grow and develop in their careers.
Distributed Workforce
We pride ourselves on being a company that enables our team members to work virtually and collaborate globally.
Diversity & Inclusion
A culture of inclusion where everyone feels respected, is treated fairly, and has an opportunity to excel in their chosen careers.
Work Life Balance
We offer flexible and generous practices that allow people to relax and recharge when they need to.
Top of Line Gear
We provide everyone top of the line gear to help them be their best and do their best work.

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