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Default to transparency


As individuals, we view transparency as a lifestyle of authenticity and honesty.

As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to work remotely and establish a culture of trust.

 As a company, we view transparency as a tool to help others.

 We share early in the decision process to avoid “big revelations.”

 We strive to make all communication clear and avoid making assumptions. 

Customer Advocates
I love the transparency value because of how it supports the self-improvement value. It could be very easy to keep these efforts to ourselves. Instead, by being transparent with each other about our self-improvement, it amplifies all of our efforts and allows us to truly embrace and lean into conversations about improving our routines, hobbies and character. — Carolyn Buffer teammate

Cultivate positivity


We strive to approach things in a positive way while realizing all emotions are valid.

We avoid non-constructive criticism of team members or customers.

We assume the best of others because we may lack full context.

We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity for growth.  

We push through any artificial harmony to work towards a better environment, product or concept. 

Buffer's Design team
There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not fully recharged and truly happy throughout my workday, thanks to this cornerstone value and the way it shines through each team member. They all continually inspire me, and I’ve seen the ripple effect of this in every area of my life. — Nicole Buffer teammate

Show gratitude

Social Harmony

We regularly stop and demonstrate gratitude for our circumstances.

We are thankful for our customers and approach customer conversations with the knowledge that it’s a privilege to serve them.  

We practice humility, operate as no-ego doers and do not attach our personal selves to ideas.  

We are grateful for the work teammates do to push the company forward. 

We display gratitude for the platforms, tools and open source code and communities that make our company possible and view it as our duty to give back. 

Buffer's Marketing team
Gratitude is one those values that can easily permeate your whole life & have many compounding effects. Each moment is a blessing and when I keep that in the back of my mind, I treasure every thing that I have and try to reflect & understand the privileges I’ve been given. Even the tougher things in life become joys. — Niel Buffer teammate

Practice reflection

Conscious Communication

We believe the act of introspection is where true learning and life-changing adjustments originate.  

We approach discussions intentionally and think through all angles. 

We listen first and then listen more: seeking first to understand, then to be understood.  

We step back from the day-to-day and reflect on overall themes that will make an impact. 

We take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and we could be wrong. 

Buffer's Product team
Since I’ve been at Buffer I have been more mindful in trying to see things from the point of view of others, and then basing my communication with them from there. — Michael Buffer teammate

Improve consistently

Learning & Growth

We are biased toward action and have a higher expectation of ourselves and of our product than others have of us.  

We aim to be fully engaged in our work and activities, and fully disconnected when we’re not working.  

We choose to be where we are the happiest and most productive.  

We desire to be better tomorrow than today, knowing that improvement can be found in small changes.  

We strive to exemplify a growth mindset and believe that any skill or talent can be learned through deliberate practice. 

When I started at Buffer I was so inspired by the culture of self-improvement, I dug in and did things I’d been wanting to do for many years. I took French lessons to revive my high-school language skills and took my first ever piano lesson! It was amazing to have the support and encouragement of the team and finally make these long term dreams come true!
— Dave Buffer teammate

Act beyond yourself

Global Responsibility

We consider the bigger picture, knowing our work goes beyond ourselves.

We are not afraid of the less-traveled path if it holds true to our values and betters the world.  

We seek balance by taking into account multiple perspectives and listening deeply.  

We advocate for diverse backgrounds and perspectives to make our team and products stronger.  

We work to create an inclusive environment to build a better company and set a positive example for the world. 

Buffer teammates in South Africa.
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All Remote

We’re a fully distributed team of 85 people living and working in 15 countries around the world.

Benefits & Perks

Competitive salary
Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience.
Profit sharing
When the company does well, all team members share the profits!
Work remotely
Live and work wherever you like!
Family leave
3 months of family leave for all parents, and more is possible.
Health insurance
We offer health insurance for all of our team members, international or US.
Join us for company get-togethers twice per year! Our next retreat is in Greece.
Home office setup
Get a laptop + $500 to set up your home office!
Working smarter stipend
Get some extra cash for a co-working space or a coffee shop work.
'Growth mindset' fund
Extra money for learning and development.
Free books and Kindle
Get a free Kindle and all the free books - digital, physical, and audio - you like, anytime.
Minimum vacation
At least 3 weeks/year!
Take a 6-week break, fully paid, after every 5 years with Buffer.
With 3% company match.

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