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We create tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live.

Responsibility and Independence


Others can trust that you will deliver in time. Your teammates don't have to worry if you can keep your word. You can manage yourself with little or no direction. You are a doer and you don't need a manager to tell you what to do.

Doist teammates collaborating

Passion and Craftsmanship


You love what you do and you care deeply about the quality of your work. You go into the details and you deliver work that's above what's expected. You care deeply about the success of your team and of the company.



You don't hesitate to lend a hand, no matter how large or small the task. You work hard to foster a collaborative team environment and push your team members to succeed, and praise them when they do.

Doist Team in Menorca, 2015

Respect and Professionalism

Social Harmony

You treat others with respect and kindness regardless of their status or disagreement with you. In stressful situations you keep your calm. You only say things about others that you would say to their face.

Focus and Impact

Thoughtful Impact

You focus on solving a large amount of important work - work that matters and that has a high impact for our customers, for your team and for the company.

Doist Team in Iceland, 2016

Clear Communication

Conscious Communication

Your communication is clear, concise, and engaging and you are great at communicating your ideas and feedback. You have an ability to keep others in the lo

Aware & Balanced

Social Harmony

You are culturally and socially aware and are able to appropriately navigate different types of social interactions. You are a balanced person and you care for the wellbeing of yourself and others.

Doist Team in the Azores

Self-mastery & Courage

Learning & Growth

You are proactive about pushing yourself to the limits of your ability. You are never happy with the status quo. You dare to make and admit mistakes, learn from them, move on, and have no problem with owning up to them either.

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Many walks of life, just one mission.

Doisters may be spread across the globe – from Taipei to São Paulo, from Minneapolis to Belarus – but we’re all united by one goal: To inspire a more balanced, fulfilling way to work and live.

Benefits & Perks

Flexible schedule & location
This is a fully remote position, so you can work from wherever you please and on a schedule that works best for you.
Competitive salary
Competitive salary
40-hour workweeks
40-hour workweeks
Generous paid vacation + national holidays
You’ll receive 40 days of paid time off to use on vacation and holidays.
Paid parental leave
18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 5 weeks of paid paternity/adoption leave.
Health & well-being stipen
You’ll have a monthly budget to spend on the things that keep you happy and healthy like a gym membership, books, snacks, internet, and health insurance.
Whatever hardware/software you need
Coworking reimbursement
Coworking reimbursement
High-speed internet
High-speed internet reimbursement for your home office
Continuing education stipend
Continuing education stipend
Annual company retreats
Although we work remotely, we enjoy bringing the whole team together to get to know each other, bond, and have face-to-face discussions in places like the Azores (2019).
Meaningful work
Working at Doist isn’t just about getting a job done; it’s about working together to positively influence people and teams all over the world.

Hiring Process

Help build the workplace of the future…

At Doist, our mission is to inspire the workplace of the future by creating simple yet powerful productivity tools that promote a more fulfilling way to work and live.

We're a multidisciplinary, fully remote team that’s passionate about creating products, like Todoist and Twist, that improve people’s lives. We thrive on innovating new solutions to old productivity challenges and we seek to rethink how productivity tools are made.

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