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The loving creators of Postmark, Beanstalk, and People-First Jobs

We believe developers shouldn’t spend time in the weeds of process, infrastructure, and communication. Our products remove that pain, allowing you to design, code, and ship brilliant software.

Wildbit is product agnostic. We exist to support our team.

Long-Term Perspective

The decisions we make and the directions we decide to go are based on the happiness and satisfaction of our team. This prevents us from putting product growth above all else and sacrificing the culture we've created. We’d rather grow slowly and feel like a family than have a runaway success.

As individuals, we are self-motivated and constantly improving our craft.


Each person at Wildbit has an internal motivation to be great at their craft. We despise mediocrity and monotony and constantly strive to learn new things. This desire to improve exists internally and doesn’t require external influence.

As a team, we support each other to do the work of our lives.


Each individual is capable of great things, but we cannot accomplish our work without the unique perspective and complimenting skills of our team members. The combined knowledge, skills, perspective, and experience allow us to do more than we could ever do on our own. We help each other remove obstacles, look at problems from multiple points of view, and to stay focused on what matters.

We expect great things from ourselves. You should expect the same from everyone else.


Each person on this team is an expert. Each person, no matter the role or seniority, brings value to discussions. We don’t have junior roles who are expected to produce less or know less. With this in mind, we expect each person to give 100% of their focus to their work, communication, and overall effort. We expect it from ourselves, so it is only fair that we expect if from each other person on the team as well. Our ability to grow slow, as a family, is dependent on each person giving their entirety to our mission and direction of our company and products.

We are motivated and rewarded by our customer’s success.


Our reward and success as a company is based on hearing praise from our customers and helping them make real progress in their work. We can rely on data to inform decisions, but the ultimate motivation comes from the feeling we get when we help our customers succeed. 

Be respectful, natural and transparent in communication.

Conscious Communication

We are skilled and confident, yet humble and empathetic. We realize that our strong opinions are based on our individual perspective, allowing us to make better decisions as a whole. Our conversations with customers (and each other) are relaxed and casual, as you would talk to a friend standing in front of you. And finally, we are transparent with each other and our customers. We get problems out on the table to discuss, voice our concern up front, and avoid being passive aggressive.

Most things are not urgent. Be patient, stay calm, go home.

Calm Environment

As Natalie says, “We are not saving lives here.” Feel stressed or overworked? Take a break. We take our work seriously, but solid health and family life is what enables us to do our best work. We are all in this to create a better life for ourselves — don’t forget those priorities.

The best ideas happen in peace and quiet (or when you are not around a computer).

Work/Life Balance

Schedule time to take a walk, go on vacation, meditate, or stare at the clouds. We are all passionate about our work, so it is hard to separate work from personal life. Don’t get caught up in the act of keeping busy at the expense of not thinking clearly. This will allow you to come up with better solutions and have a better mindset for when you decide to hang up your hat for the day.

Be practical. The best decisions consider time, resources and mutual acceptance.

Impact at Scale

Are we solving a problem that actually exists right now? We should ask ourselves this constantly. It’s easy to get caught up in perfection or idealistic solutions, then look back and realize you’ve created the perfect solution to the wrong problem. We’re a small team (with the intent to stay small) with limited time and real constraints, so our focus should be on solving real, short and long term problems at the right time. By always starting with “Why”, we make sure our choices are intentional. Whether that’s choosing what to work on next, picking office furniture, or deciding on a deployment process for the team.

Don’t be an asshole.

Social Harmony

With any guidelines or rules, there are gray areas. You could always think up edge cases and wonder what you should do in a given context. So we came up with the most basic rule to help make decisions one way or another when we’re unsure. Just don’t be an asshole. Don’t take advantage of our trust and respect for each other. Do what you need to, but follow the Golden Rule.

Years in Business
Companies Loving Our Prod
Team Members in 6 Countries

You, anywhere.

We’ve been doing the “remote thing” since 2000. One-third of the team works out of Philadelphia, with the rest spread out around the world. Our culture, communication, and process are specifically tailored around a remote team.

Benefits & Perks

4 day / 32 hour work weeks
4 day / 32 hour work weeks
20 paid days off per year
20 paid days off per year
Paid family leave
Paid family leave
Quarterly profit sharing
Be part of quarterly profit sharing
Company-paid retreats
Each year, we go on retreats to amazing destinations. It’s been a tradition since 2007.
Flexible work hours
Flexible work hours
Home office allowance
An allowance to set up your home office
Books & healthy habits allowance
Books & healthy habits allowance
Professional development allowance
Professional development allowance

Hiring Process

We’re a small software company that believes business should be human. Right now we’re focused on BeanstalkPostmarkDMARC Digests, and People-First Jobs.

If you've ever wondered what it’s like to build and grow products for yourself, this is the place. We use our own services every day to be more productive in our work.

We’re like a family, even though we’re remote-first and spread from Arizona to Serbia. We’re team-centric, profitable, and sustainable for the long run. We take our work seriously, and value quiet time, beautiful design, and clean code. Of course, we also have a lot of fun.

Wildbit teammates enjoying a meal in Cyprus on the 2010 retreat.

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